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Medical Insurance

There are many ACA (Affordable Care Act) medical plan choices and Medicare Supplement carriers. 

Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Medical (for under age 65) will protect when without medical insurance and not qualifying for a Special Enrollment; or cannot afford a long term plan or in between jobs. This is not a preventative product but meant to cover in case of accident or unexpected illness.

No need feeling this way!  Choosing your health plan is not luck but takes skills and time to pick your best plan with your providers and pricing in mind!

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The insurance protection you need when you’re on the move within the U. S. or traveling elsewhere. Please contact for assistance.

Travel Insurance
ACA Compliant Plans offered:
  • Blue Shield


  • HealthNet

  • Kaiser

  • United Health Care

Medicare Supplement Plans offered:
  • Anthem

  • Blue Shield

  • HealthNet

  • IHC: (Please call or complete form for assistance)

  • Anthem

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